10 July 2010

Lyrics Plugin For Windows Media Player

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I don’t know about you, but i like to give albums one full listen as it is and then in the second listen i like to check out the lyrics at the same time. If you are using Windows Media Player then you know that lyrics support is not there by default. But thanks to Lyrics Plugin For Windows Media Player you can add that support in a snap.

Just download the plugin, install it in the WMP folder path while making sure you don’t have WMP running  and then just launch WMP and try out. If this reads just like the process of Zune Lyrics, its because it is from the same code, just different developers.

Now you just listen to your music and when lyrics are available (and they will be unless what you like is really obscure, alternative or comes from a live session ) you will see the song lyrics appear as you play your songs.


In the case of WMP 12 (vista and 7) lyrics will appear by default in the “Now Playing” compact mode. In the case of WMP 11 (XP) it will appear in the regular full window mode.

And that would be it. quick and easy way to have a simple and good lyrics support in Windows Media Player 10, 11 or 12. That means this works in every Windows OS from Windows 2000 and on.


Lyrics Plugin For Windows Media Player     <— Direct Download Link




Anonymous said...

thanks for the plugin.. its really great. now i can go sing along w/ the music.. cheers!

Avatar X said...

Anon: Good you found it useful.

Thanks for commenting.


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