18 July 2010

Open eBook Reader 1.0 BETA

Open eBook Reader Logo

Open eBook Reader is a .NET/WPF based Open Source eBook Reader app by Oscar Arrivi that as of this moment is focused in supporting the Fiction Book 2.0 file format. But that according to the description of the project it plans to support the most used eBook file formats too later on:

Project Description

Open eBook Reader is a desktop application that allows users to read books with FB2, EPUB, Mobipocket, etc. file formats.
It provides a great reading books experience in your computer through its Flow Document Reader component from Microsoft WPF platform.
About of Open eBook Reader
The purpose of this applicaton is to have a simple application that allows you to read a wide range of ebooks file formats from the open standards perspctive.
The first release of the software just supports the Fiction Book 2.0 file formats. Next relases will support more formats and will implement more functionalities such as bookmarking and reader notes.


I do hope that is just the case,as it would make this app quite interesting as a way to have a good universal eBook reader app around. Right now the app is in beta state but a update could follow shortly.


Open eBook Reader                           <— Direct Download Link




Charnita F. said...

Looks cool. I'm using VitalSource Bookshelf but only b/c that's what my school has us use. This one looks kind of bland. Did you try it out?

Anonymous said...

There is a new version 1.0.1 already available.
I hope it means an application with many releases.


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