21 July 2010

Paper Critters: Online Paper Toy Creator And Gallery

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PaperCraft is the art of making any kind of figures or structures out of Paper. Paper Toys are Paper made figurine constructs made from a printed paper pattern that you can later customize in whatever form you want by painting it.


Paper Critters is a online flash based Paper Toy creator  that takes the art of Papercraft a small step further. With it, you can design a virtual paper toy that gets to “live” in little flash widget square or as a actual physical paper toy. It is up to you.



While the paper critters all got a specific figurine form. You get to customize it by virtually painting on it just like how you would physically with the site Paper Toy Creator. Once you have it the way you want it; You can save it into the Paper Critters gallery with the other Paper Toys that have been designed in the site.


So far there are 60,000+ paper critters in their gallery. But if you want to, you can also print the customized paper toy pattern, so you can take it offline into the real world. Print it and it will be exactly like the one you did in the site. If you prefer to have it as a virtual creation, then you can keep it so in a destination page you can bookmark and share for others to view and comment on it. Or take it to your blog/website as a embeddable Flash widget.



Paper Critters is a really cool site with a also very cool take con papercraft you should check out. just check what a  guy called Peter Lopez did with some Paper Toys created at the site and tell me i am wrong:


Thought so. Now go and try it out for yourself.


Paper Critters





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