06 July 2010

Poladroid: Give Your Digital Pictures A Polaroid Effect

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Polaroid photo effects continue to be a fascination for those that got to have a Polaroid Camera and a curiosity for those that never had one. The main reason is nostalgia, but secondary reasons have to do with the fact that there were never photos that felt more “real” than "Polaroids. Even if it is a exaggerated perception. It all has to do with the style and nature of the photos being taken and getting revealed at the same time right before your eyes. This process also gave them a distinct look. The Polarized look, the Polaroid effect.


And you can now relive part of that charm in your windows desktop via Poladroid. This little app appears your desktop as a  Polaroid Camera widget. The only thing you need to do once it shows up, is to drag and drop photo files into it. No matter if by one or by many. Once you do that, little Polaroid Instant Photos will start to pop up around the widget and will reveal slowly as if they were the real thing.


Poladroid gives the Polaroid Effect to all your photos and these will start appearing not only as little instant photos in your desktop but also as files in a defined folder. you can tweak and change several settings to get customized results. It is in active development and the widget is expected to get even better with sounds and flashes. You can install it in Windows XP, Vista & 7. but it also works in OS X in Leopard and Snow Leopard.

It is a really good and fun app that gives out really great Polaroid photos, so it is a must if you are a fan of those. You can also share them with other poladroid users if inclined as the app got its own photo group.



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