14 July 2010

Stopwatch 1.0: A Simple Timekeeping Application For Windows

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Because there will be times when you need a Stopwatch app for one reason or another. Stopwatch 1.0 is a Open Source .NET 3.5 based Stopwatch app for Windows from Codeplex that comes with a clean utilitarian UI and controls, but also integrates well into the windows system tray.


  • Large number display including days.
  • Simple and clean interface.
  • System Tray integration to prevent taskbar clutter.
  • Labeling
  • Fix Clock Position
  • Center Clock at launch.
  • Confirm Exit Dialog


There is not really much to it than what you see in the screenshot and what you can read from the feature set list. But i was looking for a simple Stopwatch app and i found that this one is simple and good. It works in XP, Vista & 7.  Unless you are running a not updated XP SP3, you should already have .NET 3.5, but you may want check first, otherwise you will just get a error when installing it in XP.

*Update* (09/08/10)

After i posted about Stopwatch, the dev contacted me to let me know he was updating the app. So  he did shortly after contacting me and it now sits at version 1.0.6 and it now comes with the following changes and upgrades:

  • Added the option to either save the last position or center the timer each time it starts.
  • Added a confirm exit dialog to prevent accidental closing of active timers.
    • Added option to hide this dialog in the future and ability to reset the dialog's hide state if the user wants it back.
  • Added a text box to the context menu so the user can add a label to the stopwatch.
  • Bug fixes.

I have just tried it and the updates make it a lot more useful and not so basic anymore. Making a already good app, now a very good one.

You only need to reinstall the app before you upgrade. Post details and links have been updated accordingly.


Stopwatch Info

Stopwatch 1.0.6                    <— Direct Download Link




Anonymous said...

any chance I could get a copy of that background wallpaper I see in your screen shot above? It looks cool!

mail it to me at dschwamp@yahoo.com


Avatar X said...

@Anon: Will sure do if i find it on my HDD.


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