31 July 2010

Support Details: A Quick Way To Get Basic Tech Support Info


Have you ever given remote PC Tech Support or received it?. Well, one of the very first questions made when that happens is going to be about your Support Details.

This mean the very most basic data you can give about your system.

Support Details is a web app that recollects this basic data and allows you to send it as a E-mail or to download it as a CSV or PDF file. The only thing you need to do is to load the page and the basic details will be there.


A nice and simple app, that may be too simple as i think it could easy expand to recollect a lot more details for installed version of Silverlight, .NET Framework, Java, Shockwave, PDF reader, among other things.

The only observation is that this tool is only focused in the basic support details for OS based tech support. Otherwise it would also need to be able to grab all the host hardware main support details. But for what it does is ok. However, the app should be updated and expanded as the concept is good and can be explored a lot further.


Support Details



via YungSang




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