17 July 2010

Swf2XNA: Port Flash Games To XNA A Lot Faster


Are you a Flash Game Dev, but you are curious or interested in XNA game development?. Well, now there is a way that will allow you to port your Flash Games to XNA faster and easier.

Swf2XNA is a Open Source app by Robin Debreuil that will let you take most of your flash game components and port them to XNA.

Swf2XNA is now live! This is an open source (BSD) program that allows you to make Windows/XBox/WP7 games by leveraging Flash for assets and layout, as well as using Box2D visually. It makes 2D games in XNA quite simple to make!

There is a reasonable amount of documentation, some videos, and a lot of sample code and components. If you have any questions, feel free to email or ask on twitter (I’m there more often than anywhere – @debreuil).

So now you could make 2D games that can work in Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone 7 and don’t just have them in a website.




via Robin Debreuil


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