22 July 2010

SWF.me: Host Your SWF Files For Free


.SWF is the default file format for multimedia Adobe Flash files and Adobe Shockwave games.

Pretty much every single interactive, multimedia display and online game file you get to see online is a SWF file. 

If you are a Flash developer and you make games, interactive displays or full blown flash websites compacted into a SWF file. The easiest and most common to do is to either test locally  offline within a browser or put up a FTP and check how it behaves live from another computer. But it is always better to have a proper host for the file to try things out as depending of what you have made it can weight anywhere from 1mb to 100mb. The later heavy ones are rare because devs prefer to split a project in several SWF files instead of having just one and then just “string them up” across one or several HTML files (website pages) to avoid slow load times or to make things more bearable. or at least that is how it see it.


SWF.me is a free SWF file host that lets you upload your SWF projects and gives you a landing page with a simple url and also a basic page views counter. All for free, the only tradeoff is that it is Ad Banner supported. But if you are OK with that, SWF.me is a great choice to test or store SWF files that gets to have a actual true live landing web page. So it could be useful for any Flash dev.








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