07 July 2010

WEI Share: Put Your Windows Experience Index Score Online

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The Windows Experience Index (WEI) score first appeared with Vista and had a rank limit of 5.9 and with Windows 7 it was extended to 7.9. Windows 8 is probable that it extends to either at 8.9 or all the way to 9.9 depending on its date of release.  This score is rated by the lowest subscore of your PC overall performance factors. It is rated via 5 factors:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Desktop Graphics (GPU)
  • Gaming Graphics (GPU)
  • Primary Hard Disk (HDD1/SSD1)

If you open it, it should look like this:


As the screenshot above shows, the lowest and weakest part of my netbook happens to be its processor, and that gives it the WEI base score of 3.3. Nonetheless, if you are proud of it because it was originally lower and you modded and upgraded your way up to it or you happen to have a really powerful desktop PC and you want to check how it ranks against other machines, then why not share your WEI online?.


That is what WEI Share does. It is a simple windows app that recollects the basic system info of your PC with the WEI score and then lets your upload it to the WEI Share Online Scoreboard.

That way you can compare it to others and check how it ranks overall in the top 500 machines in WEI share. The WEI share site is a simple Windows Azure CloudApp with a Silverlight 3 based interactive scoreboard. Do not expect a full blown social network or community.


So, if you have never checked your WEI score or if you have but you wished you could do something with it, WEI share is a nice self-amusement windows app and site you should check out.


WEI Share


via istartedsomething




Anonymous said...

Mechanical Hard drives are limited to a value of 5.9, higher you need some sort of Silicon (solid state) drive.

Anonymous said...

SSD WEI of 7.6 with Intel G2 80GB f readers i.

Avatar X said...


Unless is a 10,000 RPM raptor like HDD, then it should mark it as a 6.9


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