16 July 2010

Windows Phone Developers Tools BETA

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Windows Phone 7 is now just two months or so away from launch. And with that in mind, Microsoft has now finally released the Windows Phone Developers Tools to a BETA state. This means that while there will be a lot of refinements to these tools in the coming 2 months. In terms of features and app deployment they should not have but marginal differences to the RTM release of this first version.


Windows Phone 7 is a big opportunity to extend into another medium for any Silverlight or XNA dev. Suddenly, if you already had a Silverlight app or a XNA game. The Windows Phone Developers Tools will let you reutilize what you already have made to port it to the phone. IT is also a good opportunity for those still in the fence of developing with Silverlight or XNA to make up their minds once and for all, as just from the tutorials alone, it is quite obvious that Windows Phone 7 apps or games are even easier to do than the Desktop/Console counterparts.

The Windows Phone Developers Tools site also got all the right links to put you in business right away:

  • Demos
  • Documentation
  • Developers Guides
  • Codesamples
  • Video Tutorials

So if you are interested in of the following things:

Mobile App Development, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, XNA and .NET

Then you should have good look at this.


Windows Phone 7 Developers Site





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