19 July 2010

Word To XAML Converter Add-In For Word 2010

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Now, this is something quite useful for both .NET/WPF developers and Silverlight developers. That will make creating properly crafted documents and putting them into a app a lot faster and easier.

Word To XAML converter is a Open Source Add-In for Word 2010 from Codeplex by Michael Scherotter. That lets you write/edit any document(s) in Word and then just convert it/them to XAML, as a component that you can then integrate to your WPF or Silverlight app right away without having to do much more than that.

Project Description
A Word 2010 Add-in that converts the Office Open XML (WordprocessingML) to XAML:
For WPF, the document is converted into a FlowDocument element.
For Silverlight 4, the document is converted into either a StackPanel element containing TextBlock elements or a RichTextBox.


  • 1.-Install the WordToXaml Add-in (in the Releases Tab)
  • 2.-Start Word; you should see a XAML Tab on the Ribbon Interface
  • 3.-Open any document in Word 2010
  • 4.-Switch to the XAML Tab and select the appropriate options
  • 5.-You can preview the WPF or Silverlight document directly from Word by pressing the Preview button
  • 5.1.-Previewing the Silverlight XAML opens the XAML in a test Silverlight page running on the file system (You'll need to approve the Silverlight plug-in here). You can then copy the XAML directly from there.
  • 6.-From the File menu select Save & Send...XAML Document to save the XAML document to a file


So this way, you don’t need to conform to produce low quality or sloppy documents or work extra to get them good. You can use Word 2010 and do them right from the let go and then just covert them into XAML right away from within Word. A time saver available via a simple Office Add-In.

For the full guide with preview screenshots, please visit the project page or if you want to try it out already and check for yourself, just click and download it from where indicated.


Word to XAML info

Word to XAML converter                  <— Direct Download Link




Anonymous said...

Download link doesn't work.


We’re sorry, but an error has occurred. The error has been logged for review by our team.

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Avatar X said...

@Anonymous Umm. Will look if I have the file and update the link with it. Thanks for the comment.


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