09 July 2010

Zune Lyrics Plugin: Add Song Lyrics To Your Zune Software Listening Experience

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Zune Software is without a doubt the best fully integrated Music Manager, Player, Stream Service and Store for Windows. It is the Anti-Itunes and that is exactly how it should be. But one thing it don’t has, is lyrics support out of the box. But now you can easily add it to the experience.

Zune Lyrics is a .NET/WPF app and open source codeplex project that allows you to easily add Lyrics Support to Zune Software.  It will shows you lyrics for any song it recognizes and serve them as they play. Even for songs you stream via Zune Pass or sample via the Zune Marketplace.


Once you download it, open the zip file and extract the content into a new folder. Then install it via the Setup.exe file. But be sure that you don’t have the Zune Software running in the background the first time you load the Zune Lyrics Plugin, as it needs to register into the system first to work properly. Then just start up Zune Software and try it out.

To try it out, i went to the Zune Marketplace section and looked for CocoRosie’s new album to see how good the lyrics support was. Considering CocoRosie is not a mainstream band and the album was new, i was not expecting much. But it had the lirycs for all the album. In cases with big pop stars like Kylie Minogue or whatever, it actually serves you the lyrics in multiple languages in a single row. Usually in English first and Spanish second.


Combined with the Zune Software “Now Playing” slideshow mode plus the Zune Lyrics Plugin. You get one of the very best Music Playing experiences available right from your desktop. Now the only way it could get better is if it could sync them in a karaoke style integrated with the Zune Software “Now Playing” mode. But maybe in a upgrade, but no need to wait to that as even now is already very good.


Zune Lyrics                                                      <— Project Info

Zune Lyrics Plugin                                        <— Direct Download Link





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