25 August 2010

Anomaly: A Simple Portable Password Generator [BETA]

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Anomaly is a .NET based Open Source app from CodePlex that allows you to generate passwords with varying levels of complexity and in a self explanatory way.  Everything you need to know it is laid out open in its dashboard style UI.



There are four password complexity options for you to choose from; Include Numbers, Include Symbols, Include Lower Case and Include Uppercase
You can modify the length of the password(s) that you want but the default is set at 10 characters (I just picked this length randomly)
Anomaly can make more than one password in a single operation; just modify the default value of 1 for ‘Passwords to make’ (each one will appear on a new line)
There is no base library of words that Anomaly uses, so at least one password complexity option needs to be selected (I added code to alert you if no options have been selected)

Right now, Anomaly it is in a BETA state and it shows as it is not even packaged for general use. It comes in a Zip. The only thing you need to do is to extract it and then execute the Anomaly.exe in the release folder that is inside the bin folder.  So you should preferably follow this sequence to find it:

Anomaly > bin > Release > Anomaly.exe


It is obvious that the author of the app is still working on how he/she wants the app to be presented, as i see that it may later on be actually installed as a .NET ClickOnce app. But right now it is not wrong to call it portable as from what it can see, it only needs the .NET 3.5 framework to be installed in order to run. Something that should be installed in any current and updated Windows OS. So Anomaly works in XP, Vista and 7.

Will update or do another post on this app later on as it changes. But decided to post it because someone asked me about a really simple portable desktop based password generator two days ago. So this would be a good choice for that need.


Anomaly App Info

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