11 August 2010

Bing Dynamic Theme For Windows 7

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There is no question about the commitment of the Bing Team to churn out great Windows 7 Themes with the inclusion of other more rarer outputs like the Bing Screensaver that work for all current Windows OSes.  It is also clear that they would be crazy if they didn’t put out all these things out, as people clearly cannot get enough of them.

Now they have decided to experiment a little bit by releasing a Dynamic Theme for Windows 7.

What is that exactly?. I’ll gladly explain:

Everyone knows that Windows 7 is cool and the best OS around. But what is also evident is that it got features a lot of people don’t even know about. Not even some so called Windows Power Users.

One of these almost unknown features is that Windows 7 can manage all kinds of Dynamic Content.

Dynamic Content is integrated content that can be pulled or pushed at will from and to  Windows 7 in a fully automated fashion once it is set up.  So this Windows 7 theme is just like that.


The How

As written in the Bing Dynamic Theme page:

Switch it up! Receive two new photos from Bing every week for three months, with this Windows 7 theme that updates automatically through an RSS feed.

So you will get 24 high resolution Wallpapers in a lapse of 3 months that get served (changed for you) twice a week.  Maybe 4 Bing Dynamic Themes per year if it proves to be popular.

The only thing missing now is more info about the theme photos. Will they be photos that have been used by Bing or photos that didn’t were used at the last moment, but can be considered runner-up photos?. To know the answer that, you will need to set this Bing Theme up so you can find out.


Click in the link at the end of this post and depending of your UAC level, you will or will not see a “Windows Shell” warning dialog. Allow it if you see it and then the “Apply Theme” dialog will pop up along with your Personalization window, giving you the following options:


1.-Download Attachments

Whenever a new wallpaper is pushed to your desktop. This option will make sure you get to keep the wallpapers in your machine as part of this Theme setup.

2.-Do Not Download Attachments

It will only keep the wallpaper being used. Once a new wallpaper is available, the previous wallpaper will just be erased. Once the 3 months of Wallpapers for the Bing Dynamic Theme are up. You will only have the last wallpaper update and if you change theme, it is as if you had never actually used this theme in particular at all.

Some Notes

I think this theme is a good thing because it makes more users aware about partly unknown Windows 7 features, It makes for a frictionless way to install a Windows 7 Theme and it gives Microsoft a way to measure engagement with the content in order to make not only future Dynamic Themes better, but also serve even better photos in the homepage of Bing every day.

Now they only need to release a easy way to have federated Bing search from Windows Explorer and we would be all set. But in the meantime, this Bing Theme will have to do.


Bing Dynamic Theme for Windows 7                   <— Direct Download Link





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