31 August 2010

Bing4Free: Download Bing Daily Photos And Use Them As Wallpapers

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Much has been said about how people just love Bing Daily Photos, and what not. You have already read me saying that already too. And that pretty means people wants to download them and use them as wallpapers. While there are already several Bing Windows 7 Themes out, people want to get the photos they see in Bing.com, almost as soon as they first see them.  Which causes a healthy demand for apps that automate this task.

I previously posted about BingPaper, and just the other day i got a e-mail asking me if there was a app similar to it, but for XP.  On my personal test of BingPaper, it did worked fine with XP, but if for some reason it failed to work. There is indeed a identical alternative and with lower requirements.

Bing4Free is a portable .NET 2.0 based Open Source app from Codeplex that allows you to download the Bing Daily Photos and also automatically set your wallpaper to them.  Just get the app installed, run it and then set it up to your liking. After that, it will do everything by itself.


(Running in Windows 7)


                                                                (Running in Windows XP)


  • Allows to change wallpaper randomly.
  • Double click on thumbnail to change wallpaper.
  • Multi-lingual support, currently only have Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified, default is English.
  • Download wallpaper from United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand (you can extend it by manually adding new country locale in config file).
  • Download previously published wallpaper from Bing.com (Unfortunately, Bing only keep for 2 weeks).
  • Automatic load during windows startup (you can enable or disable it).
  • Automatic change wallpaper (you can schedule or disable it).
  • Automatic search and download new wallpaper (you can schedule or disable it).
  • Manually change selected wallpaper by right-click on the wallpaper thumbnail.
  • Support proxy server download (experimental, not tested well yet).

Bing4Free best feature is that it will download all the wallpapers from Bing it can in one go. If you allow it to do so as it prompts you the first time you load up the program of course.  Other notable qualities of it, is that it is incredibly tiny (32k) and completely portable for all current Windows OSes (XP, Vista & 7) without you having to worry. But just like with BingPaper, given that the app takes the images directly from Bing.com, The wallpapers are not really suitable for resolutions above 1024x768. Bing4Free is only fully recommended to be used in Netbooks and MID’s right now.


Bing4Free info

Bing4Free                                   <— Direct Download Link 





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