02 August 2010

Book.ly: Textbook Price Comparison Engine

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With Back-To-School season upon us, the race to buy all the textbooks needed for the upcoming school year gets a bit frenetic. But there is no need to panic about the high cost of school and college textbooks if you know where to look; to get them in the cheap.

Usually you would just start a search book by book in the usual places (ebay, craiglist, amazon, etc)

But there may be a better way.


Book.ly is a Textbook Price Comparison Engine and Textbook Shopping Springboard Site.  And here is their quick pitch:

The average Book.ly user saves 60% over retail bookstore prices. Ready to save? Pick your school below and choose the course for which you want to buy books. Book.ly will do the rest, telling you what textbooks are on your syllabus and comparing prices at 10 merchant sites to find the lowest prices for the books you need.

Book.ly supports over 500 universities and we are adding more every day

So according to Book.ly, they will offer you the way to search for your Textbooks via your school textbook listings or by textbook (via ISBN Title or Author). And for each book result they will show you the top 10 lowest prices for that textbook.

The way this works for them is because they got affiliate merchant deals with those powering the results. As plan B, they also fundraise to maintain the project alive. So, that could also be a sign they do care about you saving money.

It is a great idea, and if the claim of up to 60% saving is true, then it there is money to be saved by having a look into it. Also, if you plan on getting rid of your old Textbooks. They also want you to use the site to ease you the task of selling them. I guess this is also a way to support the project.

Well worth a look if you are in the look for cheap Textbooks.






montuno said...

Here is another price comparison site that compares all leading textbook merchants:
The Cheap Textbook


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