30 August 2010

Build A Mosaic: Create A Simple Photomosaic Online

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Constructing a Photomosaic is a very time consuming craft that requires attention to detail, lots of photographic data and the right software. That is why it comes off as such a powerful effect when you see a well executed one in a magazine, street ad or even in a gallery.

Build.A.Mosaic takes away all the complexities of creating a photomosaic piece. You only need to access a website. choose a bunch of pictures from your PC hdd or from your Facebook Photos. Select the photo you want as the canvas, tune in some simple controls, adjust some settings and then just generate your Photomosaic.


Once you have your photomosaic, you can upload it to facebook or save it in your computer. A third option is to print it into a gift product at the site instant gift shop. As it is one of the two ways the site generates some money. The other being a always present banner ad in the site.

Build.A.Mosaic is a one page contained Flex based photomosaic generator, that as the screenshot in this post can show, it is very easy to use as just by looking at it, you will already know what to do.

Of course that it is not a proper photomosaic, it just a faux one. But Build.A.Mosaic is quick, online and free. Such a hassle free solution has to have a catch or a trade-off right?. If you want a bit better version of this kind of online photomosaic generator, you may also want to try out the very aptly and honestly named Fauxaics. from which i also wrote a post, where i also explain a bit more about photomosaics and faux photomosaics.


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