31 August 2010

ColorPix: A Portable Screen Color Picker

ColorPix logo

ColorPix is a small (600kb) portable screen color picker, widget-like app for windows. All its purpose is to pick the color of whatever you point with the cursor, anywhere on your screen, be it your desktop or a app window.



Once you capture a certain pixel color. ColorPix gives you 5 different color format readings (RBG, HEX, HSB & CMYK), and a little color sample square, so you can preview your color capture. 


  • Minimize ColorPix to the system tray, and keep it out of the way until you need it.
  • Set ColorPix to launch when Windows starts up.
  • Click on any color value to copy it to the clipboard. Press Ctrl-C to copy the HEX color (without the '#' sign).
  • Press any key to lock or unlock the current color and the magnifier.
  • Click on the '+' icon to keep ColorPix on top of all running applications.
  • Click on the 'Magnifier' button or press Ctrl-M to show/hide the built-in magnifying glass.


    ColorPix is a self contained (no folder needed) portable widget-app, so you only need to download and run it to start using it. While it is a light program, it is fully featured for a colorpicker and it is really good. It is also free and without ads or trackware. Compatible with Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista & 7.

    Totally recommended.


    ColorSchemer ColorPix                            <— Info Page 

    ColorPix                                                          <— Direct Download Link





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