16 August 2010

Error Goblin: Look Up The Meaning Of Windows Errors


Looking up the meaning of the now rarer to get Hexadecimal Windows Error codes has always been a bit of a hassle. But if you happen to get a Windows error with one of those hexadecimal number codes, it is better to be prepared to find out its meaning.

Error Goblin is a Windows error look up app, that will tell you what is the meaning of the hexadecimal number code associated with a Windows error.

You have two ways to use this tool:

Web Version


Just load up the site and put the Windows error code along its “0x” prefix and find the code number meaning.

Example: 0x80000007

Desktop Version


If you think it may come up in handy to have it around, you can download a self contained (.exe only) portable version of it.  Once it gives you the description for a error, there is the chance to look a more detailed write-up about the error code number. Unfortunately, very few error code numbers seem to have that choice enabled. But supposedly that choice should be available for all errors at a unknown future date.

This portable version of Error Goblin works with XP, Vista & 7.

As a second choice for the very same use, there is also ErrMsg.


Error Goblin

Error Goblin Portable                       <---Mirror Download Page


*Update* (05/10/10): Took me a bit to note that ErrorGoblin removed the link for the desktop version download. I had the file, so i uploaded it to my SkyDrive and the download page link is now for a copy from my personal archive.





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