02 August 2010

facetofind: Search, Like, Comment, Share And Download Facebook Based Videos

Facetofind logo

It is hard to believe but Facebook is now the second or third biggest Online Video Host of the internet. Ok, maybe not so hard to believe considering it now got 500 million users. But as of this moment, Facebook has not made a internal portal for videos. So if you are looking for a Facebook based Video, you will need to bookmark it or like it so you don’t lose where you saw it.  Even if you don’t want to do that.

facetofind is a Facebook Video Search Engine.  So, if you want to look for a video and you are sure it is in Facebook but don’t really remember from who you saw it.  This will be your best chance to find it fast.


Like with any other niche search engine, it will give you the most searched for keyword strings from the home page and it also allows you to check the most viewed facebook videos of the day.

Most viewed in facetofind, just to be clear.


Once you search for something, it will give you a list of 3 to 5 videos most likely to be a match to your query.  The way they do that is entirely contextual. It searches for the word(s) In the title, the description of the video and then serves the best matches based on that. There is no real ranking or folksonomy involved in the results yet. That means you may need to choose your keywords wisely to get the best results.


If you have found the video you are looking for, you now got two choices:

1.-Interact with the video directly from facetofind

2.-Send it to your facebook wall by liking it and interact with it there.

If you decided to interact with it directly within facetofind, you will see you can play the video, comment on the video via Facebook Open Graph integration (So the comments will appear in the facebook video page too).  But the most relevant interactions that facetofind got is that you can share it from there and also download the video if you want. As there is a click to download button in each video landing page.



While they still got a lot to improve overall. Facetofind is right now the best way to check out for Facebook Videos outside Facebook itself until something better comes along. So for that reason alone, it deserves a chance.







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