01 August 2010

Frobee: A Quick Online Slideshow Maker

Frobee.com logo

There are many online slideshow makers, but not really that many that don’t includes a obnoxious or tacky frame, intrusive branding and that don’t requires of any kind of registration for you to use it.

Frobee is a Online Slideshow Maker app from Germany, that lets you create your slideshow freely and without getting in your way.  You can get your Slideshow done in 5 easy steps:

1.-Load up Frobee’s site.


2.-Upload the photos you want for your Slideshow by clicking the “Add Photos” button.


3.-Tweak your slideshow presentation with the several options Frobee’s offers you:

  • Presentation Size
  • Transition Stiles
  • Display Total Time
  • Transitions Timing
  • Drop Shadow
  • Round Corners
  • Captioning
  • Opacity


4.-Save your Slideshow


5.-Download your Slideshow file (SWF)


And that would be it.

Some Notes

Frobee is a good flash based online Slideshow maker with great features and some very easy to use controls, with a single big drawback. The drawback being that it don’t hosts the slideshow for you.

But that don’t gets in the way of you sending the file via E-mail as it produces really small SWF files. For example, a 50 photos slideshow file can go from 5 to 15 mb depending on the quality of the source photo files.

So, the slideshows produced are more for private sharing as it is right now, Unless you got where to host the SWF file so you can embed it wherever you want or you don’t mind using a free SWF file host to share your slideshow via a link.






Anonymous said...

It seems that frobee .com has gone dead.

Avatar X said...


That seems to be the case. Will give it a few weeks if it don't comes back I will strike out the link. Thanks for your comment.


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