21 August 2010

IEcare: Repair, Clean And Secure Your Internet Explorer Installation

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Internet Explorer, whether you use it or not as your main browser, remains one of the most important parts of your Windows OS and for that reason it should be maintained and updated. While the settings to disable it are now available in Windows 7. It is not recommended to do so as there are parts of the system that continue to need of IE to work at full. 

In Windows XP, unfortunately IE is the most vulnerable part because of the multiple of versions installed on top of the original IE 6.0 that came with the RTM version of it. If you got it updated up to now at SP3 and IE8. That original IE 6.0 install has already seen 4 significant updates and a single one of those not well installed can corrupt or “derail” your IE install. Then there are also the problems that can derivate from crappy Addons or software that connects with IE. Among other things.


IEcare is a very thorough Internet Explorer management software from VeeCan Software that can help you repair, clean and secure your IE install in a simple and easy fashion.

It can solve problems within the application you may have noticed or within windows that relate to IE. You only need to read the options available for repair to get a quick grasp of what exactly could be wrong if you believe that IE is having troubles or the cause of certain troubles with your system.

The second part of the IEcare is about automatic IE cleaning. That means taking care of IE temp files, cookies, addresses and history.


And as a extra, there is also the chance to secure IE web browsing by letting IEcare control the host files of the system. This is a way to prevent drive-by attacks from a website. What in Vista or 7 you got integrated as IE protected mode (DEP).


IEcare is a good app, but pretty much only a very good one if you are using Windows XP, as it is obvious it was originally designed for it. While it can be used in Vista and 7, you will need to run it in XP SP3 compatibility mode in order for it to work. But if you are using Vista or 7, i recommend you to check out Fix IE instead. In the case of XP users this is a great IE fixer (with some extras) i can fully recommend. the app is free, only price is you have to see one ad notice each time you launch the application.


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