14 August 2010

iMovietube: Watch Movies Online For Free


There are many places on The Internet where you can watch movies for Free. But watching them for free and legally that also get to be good sites?….You can count those sites with the fingers of your hands. So more choice from those kind of sites is always a great thing.


iMovietube is a site where you can watch movies online for free and without registrations. All while it being completely legal. It is part YouTube, part AtomFilms and part what Stage6 was.

The movies offered in it are old movies from the open domain, independent movies, made for the net movies, short films and other movies that been given the clearance to be streamed online for free in the site. To be honest, the movies selection is somewhat similar to the kind of movies you can watch in Hulu.

But like i said, more legal movie stream sites for free and that happen to work worldwide?. We still need more of those. iMovietube is certainly a good addition to that fold. If iMovietube manages to do well, the only things i would ask is for better resolution options and to keep adding as many movies they can, no matter if they are old, indie, foreign, whatever. just add more. Everything else is fine, so give it a try.






Anonymous said...

I like http://www.seeimdb.com for watching streaming movies because it gives me easy access from IMDb. Just add 'see' to the IMDb movie page url and you go straight to the movie.


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