26 August 2010

isNSFW: A Safe For Work Url Shortener For Not Safe For Work Links

isNSFW logo

Url Shorteners right now are a dime a dozen. With the craze for Twitter there are now hundreds of them. But very few are truly worthwhile of being used. For that reason, it is important to highlight some of the good ones.

isNSFW is a url shortener that allows you to rate Not Safe For Work (NSFW) links.  By using this url shortener there will be no doubt, that the link you are sharing is only not meant to view at work or at least not if your boss is around. 


The isNSFW ratings allow you to mark to what degree a link can be a risk to open at work.

  • Offensive  (Subjective, but could cause weird co-worker/boss stares)
  • Gore         (A matter of taste, yet someone may get offended and report you)
  • Nudity      (Risky, could get you a warning call)
  • XXX           (NO, don’t open it. This one could very well cost you the job)

Once you have marked a link you want to unleash to the world. if someone click on it, they will get redirected to a landing page instead of getting directly to the linked content. In that landing page, there will be the full link for people to see, plus the rating you have given it, perfectly explained out. If whoever sees it decides to go ahead and open the link, a click to continue must be done.


Simple and effective url shortener with a valid use. A way to warn people at work of the risky links you like to share. But if you instead want to scare them, then ShadyURL is what you want.







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