11 August 2010

It Is Going To Rain Today?

GoingToRain.com got the answer to that very often asked question.

You only need to load up the site and based on IP localization, it will check the weather forecast for your area and will give you a straight answer to that common and elemental query.

For example, it gave me this answer at the time i wrote this post:


Did the forecast got it right?. it did, even if rain was not only light but short lived in the area where i live. Previous to writing this post it said Maybe. So it is not just a Yes and No answer.

Below the Yes, No or Maybe answer you should get, it will also show what kind of weather is it in your area and it will reiterate your location, so you can confirm the answer is valid for where you actually are. It will also suggest you products in 3 to 7 words in one line without being intrusive. So yes, it got an ad, but a very minimalistic one to match the site.

GoingToRain is a amusing way to check for the weather forecast, the only thing is that i would like if it was not as plain looking as it is. If you want to know what i mean, there is also the very amusing Star Wars Weather Forecast as a way to compare.







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