12 August 2010

Ocaku: Worldwide Classifieds Search Engine


More people to this very day buy more stuff from classifieds around the world than from Ebay and Amazon put together. This may come to a shock to the most internet geared reading this, but that is still the way of the world and there are no signs yet for that to change any time soon.

One problem with Classified sites, has always been that they have shoddy search and that you need to search site by site, when it comes to small or thematic classified sites.

Ocaku is a Classifieds Search Engine that lets you find what you are looking for around many classified sites around the world from a single site. Just construct your query as _item_, _place_ as it is shown in the screenshot below and off you go.



Like with most niche search engines, you can check what is being searched on in a tag cloud in the homepage of the site. And just below that what are the Top Categories, Top Places and Top sites. The last being what classified sites are offering more matches for people searching in Ocaku.

From the few queries i tried it, i can say that it offers good enough results. What i wish is that there was a blog to know more about who is behind this. A news page would also be nice and while they are on that, why not offer some better information about the site?.

Right now you can search in English and Spanish. but for a supposed Worldwide Search Engine, i would have expected at least 10 languages. So that alone is a area with big room of improvement.

But if you are into buying from classifieds, Ocaku makes for a obligatory visit and bookmark. Lets hope it gets even better.







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