20 August 2010

One Click Icon Cache Rebuilder

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The very first bug and glitch i noted in Windows 7 first 3 months or so, was that for some reason after a Patch Tuesday reboot, one icon or two in the desktop get corrupted for some reason. I also happen to have seen it only happen with .NET/WPF apps in my case. Fortunately .NET apps are very quick to reinstall so i ended up just reinstalling them.

But in the case of other type of apps that can be a more of a problem.

Icon Cache Rebuilder is a tiny portable app that saves you from the problem of having to reinstall a app because of a corrupted icon, as it rebuilds the icon cache in a single click.


If you have this problem and use this app but you see it don’t works at the first time, reboot and try again. If it fails a second time with the new session. Then the app itself got something wrong itself and it is better to just reinstall the app right away if possible.

It works in XP (SP3), Vista and 7.


Icon Cache Rebuilder





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