14 August 2010

Open Facebook Search


If you want to search Facebook Public Timeline in a way similar to how you search in Twitter, you don’t really can do it from your Facebook account in any simple way by default.


Open Facebook Search lets you search Facebook public timeline without distractions. Then if you like a particular set of search results, you can  send that to your Facebook account or share the search via Twitter, Email or even in your blog/website because it also gives you a embed code for it.


Open Facebook Search is more about plain Facebook Search, finding the content and then redirecting it or engage with what the results are linking. All without you ever having to being logged into Facebook in your browsing session. This differs with FacetoFind  approach that is more about engaging with the search results and its content while in the FacetoFind site, something that you can only archive effectively by being logged to Facebook, even if not in Facebook. So Open Facebook Search is more for those that want to locate what is being search in Facebook, but without being tied to it.


Open Facebook Search





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