20 August 2010

Poig: Create Spontaneous Get-Togethers [Preview]

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Facebook offers the now easiest and most accepted way to create a event for your friends and friend of friends to assist. The problem is that as fast as that is, you usually create events that have a certain degree of formality and a minimum of time before the event target date or time while using Facebook. A minimum time-frame usually measured in several days.


Poig is a Facebook connected app that lets you create specifically informal and public events set to happen within a day or two in a non-specific location. Events that are not just meant to your friends or friends of friends, but to anyone that can assist to them. As they are meant to be spontaneous and usually on short notice.

So, while you could argue that this is possible to do with Facebook Events, Twitter or even a combination of Twitter and Foursquare. Poig is for when you are not yet somewhere, but for when you want or you are going to go somewhere or to do something still without a specific location in mind. Also by making a open invitation for anyone to join you, while at the same time having that event well structured, and with a tangible way to track the event and the possible attendants.

Because in order to use Poig, you and whoever you get to meet has to have a Facebook account.


Once you log in and authorize Poig to your Facebook account, it will show if you got Facebook friends already connected to Poig, if you do it will add them as your poig friends automatically.

Since it is using Facebook Connect, there is no need of registrations or email confirmations to check. Then it is just about posting or joining a posted Poig activity.


You got five common activities you can mark a event with:

  • 1.-Meet Up
  • 2.-Food
  • 3.-Drinks
  • 4.-Coffee
  • 5.-Shopping

Plus a Custom option so you can mark a event that don’t fit in the common activity categories.


While creating the event, you should note that the focus or it being more in the short term range is obvious even if not forced. And that instead of hours you have day time-frames as the preferred choices too.  Even the “Where” is shown as a optional field. So this really shows that Poig is a truly different play of Facebook events or Twitter/ Foursquare very last minute shout-outs. Even then as you finish creating a event, you can then share it via your Facebook or Twitter feed as a way to spread out the word about your “event”.

That last part is where i find Poig truly lacking. Why not having more options there by default like MySpace and a way to embed it as a widget?. It also don’t even gives you out a short url for your posting either and its landing page is just too plain. Other things that bother me is that i have not seen a way to browse other events or users in Poig which i find strange given the concept of the site. The last one is that it lets you join into any event even if it is obvious that you cannot attend because it is too far away from where you are. So there is a lot more work to be done the community and geo-location aspects of the site premise. But i paid no mind to its faults given it is obvious not everything is finished or fully baked. Hope it evolves and adapts to this faults quickly enough.

But Poig is a definitely interesting take on a having point in-between a Facebook event and a Foursquare Check-in broadcasted via Twitter. And no doubt it can lead to interesting real life meet ups if things work out. So for that reason alone, it deserves a look.







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