09 August 2010

Polaroin: Online Polaroid Image Converter

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I personally cannot get enough of Polaroid image converters. Proof of that is that i have previously posted about two very complete ones; Poladroid and Rollip. The first one is a desktop app and the second one is a web app.  Both come with enough settings to let you tweak your images, to get several styles of Polaroid photos in whatever way you see fit.

Polaroin is a online Polaroidizer Flex based app. That means it can convert any photo you have in your computer or that you have found online into a Polaroid style instant photo.

Unlike other options to archive the same effect, Polaroin happens to be the simplest and fastest i have seen so far. Mainly because it only really cares for the most common styles of Polaroid Instant Photo setups. So if you want the easiest and the most straightforward one, this is the one you were looking for.


How to use it

Choose a image from your PC or grab the file url of any photo you want online and then add it to the Polaroin form. Crop the area of the photo you want to show and decide your output settings. text label, tint dye and if you want it to have the Instant Photo frame or not.

Then just click the  “Polarize it” button.


Once the photo conversion is done, the pic will appear as a lightbox display showing your Polaroid and it will give you 3 choices for what to do with your Polaroid:

  • 1.- Download
  • 2.- Do Another
  • 3.- Share to Facebook

Now that you have converted one or more photos with Polaroin There is also some site specific settings for them. Each time you convert a photo, it instantly gets a temporary url and landing page for the resulting Polaroid. This can last anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs. And if you got cookies enabled in your browser (90% chance that you do), you can also see all the photos you have converted with Polaroin. Just have in mind that this section only serves as your usage history and will not show you link to your Polaroids, because as i said, they are only hosted temporarily.

If you are curious about what other visitors have done with this online tool. Polaroin got its Facebook page for users to share and view Polaroids made in the site.






WiserBuddy said...

I think this one is better than the one i dowload. you can see it on my blog.

Avatar X said...


I didn't saw it. but glad you liked it.

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