26 August 2010

PollPigeon: Twitter Connected Polls

pollpigeon logo

PollPigeon is a simple way to create polls or take polls meant for sharing via certain popular social messaging network. You only need to have a Twitter account to create the polls, participate in them and share your poll or participation, in order to generate more interest and boast about your participation in a certain poll.


Load up the site, Start your poll with a question and then log in with your Twitter account. The login is managed with Twitter Auth, so there is no worry in using the service as your login details are managed via Twitter and not by Pollpigeon . Once you do that, you can then continue with the options for the poll. After you finish with the poll and publish it. The Poll question gets shared to Twitter with the link for the Poll page at the PollPigeon site.


If someone takes the poll you created, the answer is then registered at the site and then also tweeted out in context to the poll.  So the point of the service is not only easy to create polls, but simple polls completely Twitter connected and enhanced. A interesting idea that others have tried to integrate as a option to their regular poll services, but that Pollpigeon has made the main focus for the entire service. Given that Twitter relevancy is still growing, the idea is valid and it seems to be doing ok.







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