09 August 2010

Shutdown Timer 3.0 [Review]

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PC Power Management in a Windows OS has remained basic and streamlined by default in order to not make things too complicated for most users. Why?, because so far it is only about compensating for idle PC time by shutting down parts of the pc one by one. And at most, just sending the PC to sleep. Another reason for this is to avoid any possible complications given the vast array of scenarios that could go wrong with a more proactive approach.

But if you like to leave your PC doing Late Night tasks when you go to sleep or Morning task when you go off to work. Then there is a lot of time the PC is going to sit idle consuming power without any reason before the default PC power management sends it to sleep. Something that it is not really the best solution if it is a Desktop PC and you don’t have No-Break.

Even if it is not a Desktop PC, why would you leave your Laptop/Netbook just sleeping still consuming energy just because?.

Shutdown Timer 3.0 from Sinvise Systems is a .NET 3.5 WPF app that gives you full control of your PC Power Management.




  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Logoff
  • Lock
  • Hibernate
  • Standy
  • Monitor Standby
  • Open a file
  • Open a Web Page
  • Based on Date & Time
  • CPU/Memory Utilization
  • CPU Temperature
  • Networking Usage
  • Process Management
  • Ability to save your settings for future use
  • Completely Portable, You can take it on a USB if you want to!


Just by looking at the Feature Set List, you will agree that it is quite a complete solution for a free application.

But to break down better what the features mean and work like, here is a Functions list based on the category the respond to within Shutdown Timer:

I.- Power Options

   1.- Shutdown

   2.- Restart

   3.- Hibernate

   4.- Sleep

   5.- Put Monitor to Sleep

II.- System Options

   1.- Log Off

   2.- Lock

  3.- Open File/Program

III.- Software Options

   1.- Open Web Page


Any function from Shutdown Timer can be set to work with the four main behavior controls that you see in the Homepage of the Application.

The 4 Behavior Controls in Shutdown Timer are:

1.- Time & Date

2.- CPU & Memory

3.- Networking

4.- Processes

Now, Lets check how they look once you are using the app.

Time  & Date


Decide if you want to set up a Power Management Task within a time frame in the hours range or if it is more of a PMT to be set up at a particular moment within a Day in the short term future.

CPU & Memory


If you are more worried about preventing any possible overheating or hardware stress because you live in a climate of hardware integrity risk (anywhere with temperatures over the 80 degrees with a high % of humidity). You can set your PC to slow down or shutdown based on any of the following measurements:

1.-CPU Usage

2.-CPU Temp

3.-Memory Usage



The perfect kind of setting for those that don’t trust their neighbors or for when you are in public wi-fi network.

This setting can shutdown or apply any PMT if your PC is for some reason gets to a certain upload speed that last for a determined time you consider abnormal.  So if someone enters your computer and pull up files. The upload speed will go up for at least certain amount of time. This setting can then cut them off by shutting down the PC.

Also works for messing around with Co-workers (Supervisor, Boss) that are connected to a network workgroup for when you go for a long lunch:

“Hey Phil, do you have tomorrow reports?. I want you to see them”

You: –Sure thing Dave, they are in the network share, take them. I have to go to a appointed lunch with my wife, you know how it is- (upset face)

“Oh ok, i will pull them from the network share then. Thanks”

Then you just walk away from there fast before your PC shutdowns when he starts pulling those precious reports..



This can apply a PMT when a specific application/service kicks in. It is useful if you want to stop a automated windows update, virus scan, maintenance task, etc, etc.


The default settings in Shutdown Timer are good enough, but if you want to tweak them. This is how they look and what the have to offer you. The following Screenshots show everything there is to tweak.













Something worth of highlighting in Shutdown Timer, is that you can provide Feedback about the application directly from the app itself. Something i applaud when i see it in a app. I wish every app could receive Feedback and complains this way.

Automatic Updating Process




I had the pleasant surprise of seeing how the Automated Updating Process works in Shutdown Timer, while i was reviewing it. As it can be seeing in the screenshots above. It is really good. I also thought it was really fast while updating.


While it is called Shutdown Timer. It usefulness is not limited to what the name implies and it is actually a really complete PC Power Management solution for being free. It does exceeds when it comes to Shutdown as it was the feature it started with.  But as i have showed in the post, there is so much it can be done with it.

Shutdown Timer can be used in XP, Vista & 7. It needs the .NET 3.5 Framework. You don’t need to check if you have it installed as Shutdown Timer will check for you. It got 32 and 64 bit versions and you can choose it to be fully installable or Folder Portable.

A app geared to those power users worried about power consume and also those that move around 2 or 3 different machines in the same day. So, while it not for everyone. It is a great app.

Totally Recommended.


Shutdown Timer                                       <--- App Homepage

Shutdown Timer 32bits

Shutdown Timer 64bits

Shutdown Timer Portable 32bits

Shutdown Timer Portable 64bits





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