31 August 2010

Twitter Tussle: What Is More Popular?

Twitter Tussle logo

Twitter Tussle is a playful take on trends watching. It is like Google Trends but for Twitter and instead of offering you a simple graphic chart, it gives you a visualization of the results. Just that the visualization happens to be a Twitter Bird fight.




You only need to enter two words into it and Twitter Tussle will calculate the winner word by its trending reach, that is calculated by the amount of TPM (Tweets Per Minute) a word has in Twitter. While it does this calculation, it will play out a Twitter Bird fight animation and then offers you the results. The word with the most TPM wins and so does the bird representing the word.

Right now, you can only effectively tussle single words. So that means either pitting two twitter usernames against each other, two terms or two brands.  While you can also tussle phrases if you want, there is not a clear understanding if it is really contextually counting phrases or just separated words. 

A simple novelty twitter tool, but a amusing one at what it does. However, it would benefit if it has more than one Twitter Bird animation, while offering you the results.


Twitter Tussle





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