30 August 2010

Zocial.tv: Track And Watch The Top Trending Videos In Twitter And Facebook.

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The first big explosion of video, post-youtube was with the popularization of Smartphones, as they finally offered good video recording quality. This allowed anyone to take a video and then upload it to youtube once they got home. The second explosion in online video happened just 2 years ago as mobile internet access and smartphones continued getting better and better. Now you don’t have to wait to get home to upload a video to YouTube. You just do it from your smartphone or from your netbook after taking it. No need to reach home as you have everything you need on the go.

But just as it became easier to share video content, it became even easier to consume it, no matter where you are. That means more and more videos to sift through. This problem of quantity excess is also now partly solved thanks to Facebook and Twitter, as these are the big channels where online content is shared the most. But even then, there is just too much being shared to be able to filter it efficiently.

Zocial.tv is a Top Trending Video Portal for videos being shared in Twitter and Facebook. The site is focused on the top 35 most shared videos aggregated as a whole from both sources. Then you only need to start filtering the videos by recency.


Today, Yesterday, Week and Month are the parameters in which your can first sift through, with the top trending 35 videos as the most common denominator. But if you want to look at videos within a theme or subject. Then you just select one of the 16 categories in Zocial.tv.

  • Autos
  • Education
  • Film
  • How-To
  • News
  • People
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Music
  • Nonprofit
  • Shows
  • Tech

From each category, you will be able to also check by the four recency parameters as with the bulk of all videos being tracked. This gives you a specific channel of video content that can better match a particular interest.

The combination of the category channels and the recency parameters, truly allow a quick and concise grasp of what is being shared the most in Twitter and Facebook. Allowing for a greater set of odds in your favor that you can find videos you will happen to like too.


Zocial.tv big win is that it got a very well thought out minimalistic design. You load up the site, you see a photo wall of the Top 35 most shared videos at the right, and at the left a very clear and simple menu with the recency filter parameters. And below a self explanatory two column listing with the available category filtered channels.

If a video photo caption in the homepage photo wall has grabbed your attention and you click it. it will give you a landing page with a custom sized embed of the video you chose, and the details about its ranking in the site. Along the options to re-share it to Delicious, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Finally, so you don’t have to click back to look at the homepage photo-captioned video wall, it will also appear below every single video landing page in the site you get to see. A simple but highly effective nice touch.

After browsing the site, i found it a simplified and even more zeitgeist driven version of Magma. Something i point out as a sincere compliment. It got lots of potential and many ways to grow from here. The feature i would like the most to see in the short term future of Zocial.tv would be localization filtering.  Yet, even as it is right now, i totally recommend it. Well worth to be a bookmarked site in your browser.







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