20 September 2010

Bing Downloader: Download Bing Daily Photos From Around The World

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Bing Downloader is a open source and portable (lone exe) .NET 3.5 based app from Codeplex by Mugunth Kumar. It allows you to download the Bing Daily Photos from 6 different locations automatically into a folder in your default windows images folder (library if using Windows 7).

Now at version 3.0, Bing Downloader offers a simple and automated way to download Bing Daily photos from around the world, and it also will show you country by country the hot spots facts from the photos, the photo location and its corresponding copyright mark.

Bing Downloader 3.0 screenshot

Supported Bing Daily Photo download locations, so far include:

  • 1.-United States
  • 2.-Canada
  • 3.-Japan
  • 4.-Germany
  • 5.-China
  • 6.-United Kingdom

Bing Downloader 3.0 will put all the downloaded images in a folder apply called BingImages. This folder will always be in your default windows Images Library/Folder. This app is really the best and easiest way to download Bing Daily Photos, while at the same time don’t losing the info and facts you get from the Bing Homepage. Compatible with XP SP3, Vista SP1+ and 7.


Bing Downloader                                <— Project Page

Bing Downloader 3.0                       <— Direct Download Link





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