20 September 2010

Chirbit: Share Audio Online, Fast And Easy.

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Chirbit is a online audio clip host and social network. It allows you to record or upload audio files into a user profile update stream. Each audio clip (in this case chirbits), can then be quickly played from the chirbit site via their individual audio players, posted to Twitter and Facebook as a link with a sharing button or embedded to a blog/website as every chirbit is able to generate a iframe audio player widget.


There are two ways of sharing audio clips in chirbit:


Using a Webcam Mic or Input Mic, you can record a audio message of up to 5 minutes. This can be done directly from the site and once you are done with your audio clip, it gets quickly processed and added to your chirbit account. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes.


Grab a audio file from your PC and host it in Chirbit. The file limit is 120mb and the supported audio file formats are:

  • MP3 (120mb = 30 to 120 minutes audio play)
  • M4A  (120mb = 60 to 90 minutes of audio play)
  • WAV (120mb = 10 to 15 minutes of audio play)

Every M4A and WAV file uploaded is reencoded into a MP3 file. Uploaded MP3 files will not get reencoded, but should be of stereo quality and at least 22050Hz.


Other interesting features of chirbit include the ability to translate text blurbs to audio clips and extract audio clips directly from a video via the chirtbit user dashboard.

Alternate usage includes mobile uploading support.


Chirbit is a interesting free audio clip host and social network service.  A similar service to this would be Audioboo, but the later is more focused in Mobile support. Chirbit, while a online tool, it is geared more for those using a full desktop OS and browser at this moment. It is a great service that while its focus may be the sharing of quick audio messages and comments. It can also work as a good free podcast or music file host, even if not intended for it.







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