13 September 2010

ClipUpload: Share Images, Text And Files Online, Directly From Your Clipboard.

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ClipUpload is a portable (folder contained) .NET 3.5 based clipboard-to-web sharing desktop app. It is only a matter of download, extract and run. Once it is running, it will sit in your windows system tray. The only thing you need to do to use it, is to copy a image, a selection of text or a file anywhere in your computer up to 300mb to your clipboard via right-click, and then just click again on the ClipUpload system tray icon so it starts uploading what you have selected.


The most admirable about ClipUpload is how well thought out its the usability of the app, so it is as simple and easy to use as possible. It don’t needs to be installed for starters. You just download the rar file, extract the folder where you want the app to be, and then just run the app.

Now, you just need to select what you want to share to your clipboard. While its original purpose was to share from the clipboard to a FTP server. It has now eliminated the need of having one, as what you share will be uploaded to a specific free online host,  based on the type of content your are sharing.

1.-File Sharing

Select any file up to 300mb to your clipboard, click on the system tray clickupload icon and it will start uploading your file right away to SendSpace.com.  Once it finishes uploading the file, it will in turn copy the file online url to your clipboard. Done.


2.-Image Sharing

While you can select and share any kind of file to SendSpace via the app file sharing function. It will make one distinction with Image files. If ClipUpload detects that what it is sitting in your clipboard is a image file, instead of using SendSpace, it will send the image to Imgur.com and send the image file url to your clipboard as it finishes, just like with a file. And as anything being shared, it will also give you a system tray notification once it happens.


3.-Text Sharing

While sharing files and images is a three steps operation, sharing text adds a small extra step to the process. Focus on the text you want to share, select a blurb, right click, copy and then click again in the system tray ClipUpload icon.  It will transfer the blurb in a instant fashion to PasteBin.com. One of the oldest and longest running online text sharing services.  You of course will still get the proper notification that the url for the text landing page is in the clipboard ready to use.


ClipUpload is without a doubt one of the best Clipboard sharing apps. Thanks to its simplicity, ease of use and being a utility you will actually want to use often. It  of course also helps that it is a app to enhance one of the most common functions, you are guaranteed to use multiple times every single day. Something that should increase the chances for you to keep using the app regularly  if you decide to try it out. And you should as i totally recommend it. Compatible with XP, Vista and 7, just check if you have the .NET framework 3.5 installed first before running it.


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