13 September 2010

Color Schemer Online v2: A Online Color Scheme Generator

ColorSchemer logo

Color Schemer Online v2 is a online instant color scheme generator. You enter a RGB or HEX color value, and it will generate a usable matching color scheme. This tool serves as a companion to the also free portable pixel color picker desktop app called ColorPix.


This online tool is completely free as it serves as a promotional vehicle for the paid tool called ColorSchemer Studio 2. That is targeted for professional web designers. But if you only want to assist yourself while designing a blog or website template theme.  Color Schemer Online and ColorPix should be of enough help for that kind of goal.

It is Web Tech(HTML,JS, CSS,etc)  based, so that means it can be seen even in all browsers, in all platforms as it is.


Color Schemer Online v2





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