14 September 2010

Down Or Not?: Check Any Website Uptime

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Down Or Not? is a online tool to check any web app, blog or social network uptime. It can go from just telling you that the site is up or down in a single clear sentence, to explain you how it can assure you it is up in more detail. All without leaving the same page.

The way it knows if a website it is up, is because it checks from 3 network monitoring stations from 3 different locations. And secondary to that, if other Down Or Not users have checked the same site uptime in the past 6 hrs, it will show you what results these other past checks were. Giving you a better overall uptime diagnosis.

Service is free and it don’t even shows you ads while using it. The reason being  that the service itself is a promotional online tool for Watchmouse. A website network monitoring paid service. So, since it is meant as a tech demo for a professional solution. That makes it a more credible and dependable tool you can use with more confidence of it being reliable.


As a extra utility to checking one website at a time. you can also check their social websites monitor dashboard at social.downornot.com.


If you are looking for something similar, you may also want to check hootmonitor.


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