01 September 2010

Flashdo: A Online Marketplace For Stock Flash Components

flashdo logo

Flashdo is a online marketplace to buy and sell stock Flash or Flex components. Templates, Galleries, Video Players, Menus, Utilities, Buttons, Audio Players, Preloaders, Animations, Icons, Games, etc, etc.

If you want to buy, you first need to create an account and then deposit some cash to be used for buying while using the site.

If you want to sell, you will also need a account and then agree to the terms of the marketplace for a commission of 60% to 70% depending the value of what you plan to sell. Then, you just upload the files you want to offer.



A fairly new site, and while there are less than 500 items on display in it, it is a interesting option to explore for flash developers and designers.






hollernicole said...

great article i find it very useful thanks for sharing:)


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