26 September 2010

gbrainy: A Game App To Exercise Your Brain

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If you like games like brain age for the DS. How about something akin to that, but for your desktop?.

gbrainy is a Mono (Open .Net) based brain game. You usually will find it as part of any Linux Distro that carries Gnome (Desktop Environment) along  with Mono. Like Suse or Ubuntu. But it also got a recently updated Windows version you can use in XP, Vista and 7.



There are 4 kinds of brain games you can play with gbrainy:

Logic Puzzles


                       Challenge your reasoning and thinking skills.

Mental Calculations


           Arithmetical operations that test your mental calculation abilities.

Memory Trainers


                                  To prove your short term memory.

Verbal Analogies


                                  Challenge your verbal aptitude.


As you play the games, it will go building a gaming history of your progress and will provide you stats and graphics about said progress. To better tailor the games to your level of challenge comfort, access the settings preferences and adjust difficulty, accessibility and game session history tracking accordingly.


gbrainy is a great free and proven brain game you can enjoy from your desktop. To those that like these kind of games, this one should not need further introductions than what has been shown at this post already.

Just install and play. The gbrainy for windows installer will supply everything it needs to run without the need of any further intervention. Now enjoy and put your mind into a workout for a bit.


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gbrainy                              <— Direct Download Link

*updated links on 26/09/11*


Click here if you were looking for the gbrainy online web client





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