02 September 2010

Instantizer: The Easiest Online Polaroidizer

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Instantizer is a very basic Polaroid online image converter.


You only need to follow a 4 steps web form to use it. It just cannot get easier than this.


Once you have converted your picture, it will give you a preview of the converted image and a photo file link for it, only active and usable for up to 24hrs. 


A quite usable generator, not the best, but it is the fastest and easiest. But that comes with a big trade off: It is a faux-polaroidizer. It don’t really applies a polaroid effect to your images, just fits them into a Polaroid style framed photo, that you can set into a particular degree of inclination with a little pen-like scribbled description.

If you are looking something similar, but more advanced and featured, start by checking out Polaroin.







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