12 September 2010

Trasir: Check Out Your Basic Info Data In One Glance

Trasir logo

Trasir is one of those “Simple as it gets” online single purpose tools. To use it, you only need to load the website. It then gathers all the public info data, your browser transmits to all the websites you visit, online apps and search engines.


There is of course a lot more info that can be gathered from you over time, and from the bank of cookies sitting in your computer, etc, etc.

But if you are wondering what is the info you and mostly everyone is transiting to the world, trasir is the onlie tool that shows you exactly that . The only recommendation is that unless you are receiving remote pc tech support from a trusted source, you should never ever openly share you IP address, much less in your blog, twitter or facebook.

If you are looking for another tool like this, there is also the online tool apply called Support Details.







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