10 October 2010

1 Year Of Appatic

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One year ago, i started full steam with Appatic.  Something that was not sudden at all. I actually had bought the domain months before, set it up with Blogger and pretty much prepared everything that had to be done in advance of even writing a single post. 

Then in October, i finally started doing some posts on things i had been interested writing about for months and some others that had recently captured my attention.

And here we are 12 months later, a blog with 250 blog posts and a pretty decent growth in visitors month after month, week by week, day by day.  And while i actually wanted to have 500 blog posts by now originally. 250 is an OK mark.

And because of those two marks, the 1st year anniversary and the 250 blog posts, i can now say that the blog is fully cemented to go the distance. Whatever that gets to be. For the moment i just want to thank everyone that reads this blog regularly and those who communicate with me about it.

But now, it is time to start making Appatic second year a lot better than the first one.


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! :D

Charnita F. said...

Congrats :) I'm sure we will be seeing Appatic posts for many years to come.


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