05 October 2010

Bing Instant: Results As You Type On The Google Alternative

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Personally, i find all the hubbabaloo on Google Instant to be quite amusing. What you now know only referred as Instant Search, is what in late 2005 and early 2006, during the break of the Web 2.0 craze was called “Reactive Asynchronous Search” or “Ajaxified Forward Search”. I know because i remember that there were prototypes from many now defunct, forgotten and obsolete search engines.  The most important example some blogs reported on, was the one from the now lapsed Yahoo Search team. The concept never caught on back then because it was considered too resource wasteful and just too disruptive back then.

But now the trend is back with a vengeance as Google uses it to maintain search ad impressions growing, while at the same time giving the Google Algorithm a workout, in order to keep it fit and make it even stronger.

And just like there is Google Instant; There is also Bing Instant.  A non official version of this same implementation for Bing.com. But unlike the Long Zheng implementation that preceded Google Instant by several months, this version of the same concept tries to fully emulate the feel of Bing search. Starting with the homepage and its beloved Bing Daily Photo.   


And it delivers, so well, you could think it was a official project. So, if you like Bing. You should try it out. But if after using it, you are left wondering WHY, Bing is not already like this. I am glad to tell you that the Bing Team got something even better in the pipeline. Instead of rehashing a old 2005 concept like Google, the Bing Team got a whole new take on the concept of  Asynchronous Search from the same year with a 2010 HTML5 twist. So, while we wait for that to happen, BingInstant makes up for a good interlude.


Bing Instant





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