11 October 2010

FbNotifier: Facebook Messages And Notifications Alerts For Your Windows Desktop

Fbnotifier logo

FbNotifier is a Open Source, NET 4.0 based app from CodePlex by Atanasbakalov. It brings Facebook messages and notifications alerts to your Windows Desktop.

Once installed, it sits as a icon in your Windows System Tray. It it is configured to check for updates every 30 seconds, so if new updates happen in Facebook side, you will receive them right away.

Real size system tray icon

When a alert comes in, it looks like any standard alter you are used to see from Live Messenger or any other IM client. Clicking on a coming alert will open your browser and direct you to the Facebook Message or to the source of the Facebook Notification.

real size alert 

If you double-click the fbnotifier icon, it will open Facebook start in your default browser. But if you right-click on it, that will show the menu you have to interact with this little app.

Selecting “View Latest News” will display a right sidebar in your desktop with the most recent unchecked/unread Facebook Notifications and Messages.But a single click in the icon also does the same main function of course.

real size sidebar

While having the FbNotifier sidebar open, you can also choose to pin it to the desktop so it stays visible. Otherwise it will go to the background, but will stay active until you close it.

Going to “Options” in the menu will launch the settings window you are able to configure. In this case that reduces to the periodicity of the update checking,  the choice of making the fbnotifier start with windows or not, and selecting what kind of animation (from 2 available) you want to see whenever a new alert comes in.

real size settings window

FbNotifier is a simple and lightweight of integrating Facebook in your desktop without the need of a actual desktop client or the need of leaving a browser tab open all day. This Facebook Notifier works in XP, Vista & 7.


Facebook Notifier Info  

fbNotifier                                    <—Direct Download Link





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