30 October 2010

Install The Original Tablet PC Microsoft Snipping Tool In Any Windows XP


While it is well known that Windows XP continues to be the most used Windows OS, many don’t know certain facts of why it is so. There are many things that contributed to that, apart the fact it is the one that has been the most time out in the market. Something that just days ago ended. At least when it comes on it being officially for sale at any level. But the fact I want to touch on is that Windows XP is the Windows OS that had the most versions out. There were 10 different editions of it. Some introduced very specific added functionality and features.  That later were built into Windows Vista and refined for Windows 7.

Windows XP Tablet Edition had 2 iterations, and it introduced the Microsoft Snipping Tool.  Something that now comes by default enabled in Windows 7 and that was a accessory tool in Windows Vista not enabled by default.


The Snipping Tool was created to be the third big app for Tablet and Slate PC. It lets you highlight, mark, point, cut and capture whatever you want, that happens to be appearing in your desktop.  Here is how to install the original and real Snipping Tool in any Windows XP version.

Base Requirements

  • A up to date XP SP3
  • .NET framework  3.5 SP1
  • Windows Media Player 11


In order for the Snipping Tool to run in  any Windows XP edition, you need the dependencies that the Snipping Tool uses, that the Windows XP Tablet Edition has. Fortunately, you can get them easily. Just follow the guide:

  • 2.-Follow its process until it finishes (be patient)
  • 3.-Download the Microsoft Experience Pack zip (check the linkage section in this post for the link)
  • 4.-Extract the contents (A Folder) to your Program Files folder that is located at C:
  • 5.-Open the Microsoft Experience Pack sub-folder now residing in your Program Files folder
  • 6.-You will find the Snipping Tool.exe inside the MEP sub-folder and now you only need to create a desktop shortcut or adding it to the start menu. Whichever option you see fit.
  • 7.-Now just double click whichever shortcut you created for it. It should now be able to launch and run.


Now that you got it running, just check out the functions it got by hovering over Snipping Tool Controls. 

By default, once you start the Snipping Tool, it will load up with cutter function and the splash screen on. If you hover the cutter function section, it will show the mode it got for you to choose from. Choose one and then try it out.

Now repeat the same process with the Marker function. Those two actions should give you a somewhat full idea of what you can do with the Snipping Tool.

MST Editor


In the case of a selection made with the Cutter function, you can actually edit your selection with a built in editor. This allows you also mark a selection or to modify it. So, the editor is there as a way to add extra stuff to a selection or to also correct it without you having to redo it.

MST Options

The final reason the Microsoft Snipping Tool is still well sought after by Windows XP users, is because it got a lot of options. So I decided to show you the full extend of them via screenshots of what it got to offer instead of just doing a written summary.



Capture Region


Capture Window








Some Notes

There are many snipping tools out there for Windows XP, the original Microsoft Snipping Tool continues to be one of the very best ones. And for good reason.  It got a great level of tweakability and it comes with a built in editor. Plus it can also be used with touch or with a digitizer when available.

So, if you are willing to invest 10 minutes in installing it. You can then have it running in any Windows XP version you happen to have.


But if you just want something similar, then take a look at Snippy.


Windows XP original Snipping Tool                               <— Download Page





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