19 October 2010

Timer: A Simple Online Chronometer


Timer by Ian Jorgensen is one of those “Simple & Basic as it can be” kind of apps. It is a minimalistic web based chronometer. It can count up and it can count down. That is it.


To count up you only need to load the site and then hit Enter or Space to start or pause a count. To clear a time count you only hit Esc.


To count down you need to type in a desired time to count down from. The limit being 999 minutes. Once you start a countdown, Timer will go White & Black. You start or pause the countdown with Enter or Space and clear it with Esc.


           (Timer Running On Bubbles As a Desktop App)


Thanks to it being so simple and basic, you can easily turn in into a desktop app with Bubbles (SSB Manager)  or with Chrome/Iron by setting it its own Application Shortcut.

Given that its minimalism is probably by design, the only setting it would have also liked is if it had a way to resize the timer size. Other than that it does what it must do, the way the dev obviously intended it to.






michele watches said...

This is a good alternative version. Digital mechanism makes it easy to automate.

Unknown said...

Does it have "allways on top" function?

Avatar X said...

@Unknown Not really. No.


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