12 October 2010

Unsuck It: Business Jargon Dictionary

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If you have been in a Office environment long enough you will like this site. If you are new to the whole Office environment, then this site is not just amusing, but educative.

Unsuck It is a business jargon dictionary with a lot of  humor and cynicism added into the mix. It allows you to figure out what the hell that executive guy at your weekly meeting, was actually talking about.


So if you input a business meeting word like: “Bucketize”, “Superhero” or “Mediable” it will return you the clear meaning of it.


And after you have got the actual meaning of it. You can share it to the world on twitter or get back at whoever said that by E-mail.


But if you want to extend your business jargon knowledge beyond your initial doubt. You can also browse the dictionary current contents. Something that should prepare you well enough to survive any kind of business meeting with both your sanity and job intact.

Unsuck it is a very creative, very well designed web project that manages to amuse while actually serving a purpose. One that should not exist, but since it does, why not tackle it down with some humor?.


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