10 October 2010

URL X-Ray: Find Out Where Shortened URLs Lead To Without Clicking

Url X-Ray logo

It is very common to be used to shorturls, if you are using Twitter or any other Social Messaging Network. But not if you find one outside of them, like in a forum, blog or site. While they are not meant to be found outside SMN’s, thanks to these links being re-shared and aggregated everywhere, is now more and more common to encounter them all around the web. 

URL X-Ray is a simple way to resolve a shortened url and see where it leads without clicking on it first or you depending on installing a browser specific extension/userscript to resolve it for you.



Just copy & paste the short url into the site form and click the “X-Ray” button, and it will show you where its leads to.


And if you think it is something that you may need often. You cannot only bookmark the page for later, but carry the site functionally into your browser, thanks to it offering a bookmarklet. But if that is not enough, you could also convert it into a SSB app with Bubbles.







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